Hello,  I'm Annie.  I play clarinet and bass clarinet, and I like helping other musicians make good things happen. I live in Boston, MA.

I am Associate Dean and on faculty of Entrepreneurial Musicianship at the New England Conservatory in Boston, MA, and Instructor of Arts Marketing at the University of Massachusetts' Arts Extension Service. I am a co-director of Switchboard Music, which since 2008 has presented over 150 sets of eclectic music featuring more than 850 musicians. For our tenth festival, we featured the Kronos Quartet. In 2014, I launched our monthly concert series, Switchboard Presents, which in three seasons presented 21 split bill performances. 

Previously, I co-created and taught a class called Musical Startups at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music; I was also Operations & Programs Lead at Zoo Labs, a music accelerator that invests in and explores the intersection of creativty, craft, and commercial viability. Additionally, I've worked in publicity for the San Francisco Symphony, the Switchboard Music Festival, the Grammy-nominated Bay Brass, Sqwonk, The Living Earth Show, and Mobius Trio, and for five years was managing director of the pioneering Magik*Magik Orchestra. I was a founding member of the contemporary group Nonsemble 6, with whom I memorized and staged performances of Schoenberg's cabaret work Pierrot lunaire, directed by Brian Staufenbiel.

I am a native of Charlotte, North Carolina and lived for eight years in San Francisco. I began my performance career at eighteen as soloist with the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, and trained with Steven Barta at the Peabody Conservatory and Luis Baez and Jerome Simas at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Other things I like are rowing with my team at Community Rowing and knitting.

For more official information you can email me, check out my resume, or read (old) interviews with me here and here.